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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Mexicali sex and hobbyist traveler?

ClubHombre has all your Mexicali Sex and Mexicali Hobbying, Massage Parlor, Nightlife, Brothel, Escort, and Hobbying Information.

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Perhaps you have gone to Mexicali in Calexico recently for some of their tradeshows, fairs, and expos. Perhaps you have participated in many of the other outdoor activities that they offer like hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and playing golf. You may even be a fan of baseball. The Mexicali Eagles play winter league baseball from October to January every year as a participant in the Mexican Pacific League. But when you get bored of all the outdoor activity, fairs, tradeshows and baseball, you can take solace in the fact that Mexicali has a vibrant adult and sex nightlife scene as well.

One of the most written about and famous nightlife establishments in Mexicali is Bar San Diego. Bar San Diego is a brothel that is located on Avenida Rio Culiacan and is next to Motel Las Dunas. It is one of the quickest, easiest, and surest ways to find a woman in Mexicali. You pay a small fee to use the hotel for a half hour and then you can negotiate with the lady for her services. You usually don't have to pay more than $40 to $50 US. You can also arrange to meet the ladies afterward if you want. More information about Bar San Diego is inside ClubHombre.

Another option you have is to visit some of Mexicali's strip clubs. Some of the clubs that ClubHombre features information on are Aquarius, Guau Guau, La Cabana, Lord Black, Madonnas, Miau Miau and Playboy Club. The current consensus seems to be that Aquarius has the best looking ladies. The strip club scene can vary greatly from club to club. But basically most strip clubs are simply brothels without a bed. You usually have to buy a certain amount of time for a private dance. Once in the private room you can receive blowjobs or sex from the ladies. However, you do have to pay more to the lady on top of the fee to the club for the private dance. Always remember to negotiate everything. If you don't like the price you are quoted, move on to another lady or try to get the price you want. One of the advantages of a ClubHombre membership is that members openly discuss negotiating tips and tricks. The going rate for the ladies’ services is also frequently discussed by members.

Finally, ClubHombre features some additional information about the general sex scene in Mexicali. We have information on some of the discos there like Capricho Restaurant and Bar, Molcajetes Bar, Scratch and Terraza Disco. ClubHombre also features information about hotels like the Siesta Inn. You can read through our TripReports and see how other sex travel adventurers did in Mexicali. And as always, there are tips on how to stay safe and how to avoid costly rip-offs. Mexicali is not as Americanized as Tijuana or other border towns, but there is a good time to be had there at night if that is an activity you are seeking.

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